Safety First

Our Focus is Always for the Players Safety

When forming Stamford Spartans Football organization, we knew right away that our focus would always be the players Safety. Football is a full contact sport and there is always a chance of injury, but when taught proper technique the risk of injury is greatly minimized. We understand that in order to teach our players properly we needed to surround them with knowledgeable, certified, quality adults. From our coaching staff to our board members!

USA Football is the national governing body for amateur football in the United States. USA Football designs and delivers premier educational, developmental and competitive programs to advance, unify and grow the sport.

With the kid’s development and safety in mind, we have chosen to enroll the Stamford Spartans Football organization with USA Football.

Through USA Football all our coaches will earn their certifications in Concussions, Heat & Hydration, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. They will also have to pass USA Football’s back-round check. Along with those mandatory certifications, our coaches have access to many clinics/courses to further their knowledge of the game and continue to earn more advanced certifications.

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