About us

Providing a positive introductory and developmental experience in youth football


Welcome to the new Stamford youth tackle league, Stamford Spartans Youth Football! Since September 2020, the current board members have worked tirelessly to create a league that the City of Stamford can be proud of. We are a completely new league with no connections or ties with the old youth program.

Our focus is on the kid’s safety and having fun! Also, we are fully focused on developing our young athletes and preparing them for high school. We are also committed to developing our coaching staff. While our coaches have tons of experience, we feel it is important that we further their knowledge of the game through different clinics and certifications that are made available. These certifications and clinics will assure us that our coaches are up to date with all safety precautions that are needed to keep all players safe as well as make sure our coaches are able to learn and be up-to-date with the latest trends/schemes for offense and defense to make sure our kids can safely compete at a high level.

You will notice our colors are purple and orange. This was done to represent both of our local high schools. A big flaw we noticed in years past was that there was never a relationship with youth football and our high school teams. That has changed! We have both Westhill’s head coach, Aland Joseph and Stamford High’s coach Jamar Greene on our board. We will be offering clinics this summer (free with registration), where our players will be getting great high school level coaching from both high school coaching staffs, as well as the juniors and seniors from both schools. Coach Joseph and Coach Green will also be helping our Spartans coaching staffs and giving input throughout the year to make sure our players are being taught and developed correctly to prepare them to play at the next level.

We very much look forward to having you all be a part of the Spartans family and bringing back youth football to our city.